White and Burgundy

My favorite piece of clothing in spring has to be a nice structured blazer.  I could actually wear a blazer all year round, but I find that spring is the perfect time to rock one.  It is also a great fashion piece to pull out for that weird transitional weather, which is exactly what I did here. 

Winter to Spring

While all the bloggers I know are showing off their fun and flirty spring looks, I am over here still trying to rock my winter wear.  Layering knits has been my best friend this cold Seattle winter.

Still Winter

To say that I am excited for spring would be an understatement as it has been an unusually cold winter in Seattle this year.  It really feels like the winter has been dragging on, so I can't seem to get out of my cozy sweaters, coats, and boots.

15 Date Ideas for Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, lovers everywhere are planning that perfect date for their significant other.  For those who cannot think of a single thing to do on lovers' day, I have put together a list of unique and awesome date ideas that will definitely put a smile on your partner's face.