New Year's Eve

Can you believe 2014 is almost over? It is crazy how time flies, but I am glad that I was able to make the most of it.  Two major events in my life happened this year: I graduated from college and got engaged to my best friend.

Fuzzy White

The past couple of weeks have been all about embracing my feminine side.  I have been obsessing over dresses and skirts, hence my last two posts (here and here) and this one.  

Pretty Holiday Dresses

Body Hugging Dresses: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 
A-line Dresses: 5 / 6  / 7 / 8 
 Midi Dresses: 9 / 10 / 11 / 12

Although I am more of a jeans and pants girl most of the time, I do have my girly moments when I crave wearing pretty dresses.  The holiday season always brings out my feminine side (as you can see in my latest post).  

Holiday Whites

The holiday season would not be complete without fun holiday parties.  Part of what makes holiday parties fun is dressing up in fancy and festive dresses.  When it comes to picking party dresses, I almost always seem to go for the classic A-line style.  I love this style because it is flattering on most body types.  

Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

Casual Monochrome

This past week was a long one as I started a new job and attended a couple of grad school interviews.  It was also educational because I was able to learn a lot about my weaknesses and strengths through these experiences.  As a result of a busy week, the weekend was super casual and laid-back.

Thankful For...

Thanksgiving was a great success; the food was delicious and the company was amazing.  For me, there is nothing better than spending quality time with family and eating tasty foods, which is why Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.  Even though Thanksgiving has passed, I wanted to make a short but very important list of things I am thankful for everyday (also because I have not done a post like this before):

Holiday Gift Guide: Under $100

Now that it is officially holiday season, you are probably on the active search for gifts.  If you are looking for great quality items that will last a long time, let this post be your guide to find the best holiday gifts.  

Jacket on Repeat

Can you believe that fall is almost over?!  If there is one item in my closet that I wore over and over this fall, it has to be this jacket here.  From the fit and comfort to the unique pattern, this jacket makes the perfect fall piece.  

Holiday Gift Guide: Under $50

Today, I come to you with another gift guide for the holidays.  This time, everything is under $50!

Fall Floral

Lately I have been working on embracing the concept that everything happens for a reason.  There are things in life that are out of our control; and that is not necessarily unfortunate, because all of it might be for the best.

Holiday Gift Guide: Under $25

Notebook - $6 / Blanket Scarf - $24 / Earbuds - $20 / Knit Bow Headband - $10 

I know it is a little too early for holiday shopping, but before you know it the holidays will be here! To help you out this season, I put together some great items I found from around the web.  

A Blue Statement

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I purchased a pair of leopard heels last week.  Having no patience, I decided to include them in my outfit post today.

Let's Talk Hats

A few posts ago I had talked about my fall fashion essentials and I had mentioned that hats are a great way to dress up any outfit.  They are not only fun accessories but they also do a great job of keeping you warm on those cold fall and winter days.  

Slip it on

The end of Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday season, which always gets me excited, mainly because holiday shopping is one of my favorite activities. There is something special in buying gifts for family and friends, I love it!

Makeup Wishlist

Today, I am sharing some of the beauty products that are currently on my wish list.  They are a little on the pricier end of the makeup aisle, but I have heard very good reviews on them and cannot wait to try them out myself soon.

Punkin Patchin'

 Having decided to get my fall on, I went to a pumpkin patch this weekend.  Visiting a patch, picking out pumpkins, petting farm animals, and just enjoying the farm life for a couple hours always put me in such a fall mood.  The atmosphere at the patch was so festive and inviting, I wanted to spend the whole day there.

Fall Must Haves

1. Flannel Plaid Shirt (Abercrombie & Fitch) - For me, plaid is something that definitely screams fall, especially if it is on flannel.  This fall piece is great to just throw on and go on those casual jean days.
2. Ankle Boots (Target) - I am a huge fan of nice booties with big chunky heels as they give me a little height  while keeping my feet warm.  Extra details, like the buckles above, are what I would look for in a pair of booties because I am all about the details.

Autumn Chic

Burgundy is such a beautiful fall color,  I cannot stop wearing it this season.

3 Shades of Green

Hello everyone!  Today, I am just sharing my comfortable Friday outfit with you guys.  It is so cozy and comfortable I could sleep in it; perfect for today because I am just running errands all day.  This is a fun fall look as it mixes up different shades of green, one of my favorite colors for fall.  The scarf adds just enough warmth for those cooler times of the day.

Feeling Blue, Electric Blue...

Hello everyone!  Even though I am excited for October and fall in general, I cannot complain about the super nice weather.  What can I say, the sun makes me happy!  So, I have been enjoying wearing skirts and dresses as you can see here.  

Transition into Fall

Hello everyone!  It has a been a busy, busy September but I am so excited to be back with an outfit post finally!  Today's look is more of a transition type of look from summer to fall.  I still have not gotten my sweaters out yet, because the weather has been treating us really well here, so incorporating some of my summer pieces into this look was quite appropriate.

Summer Travel iPhone Diary

Hello beautiful readers! It has been a while since I have posted anything on here and that is mainly because I have been away this summer.  I went to visit my family back in my homeland.  I have never really said anything about my background here before, so I think now is the time to get a little personal. Uzbekistan is what I call my homeland.  Many of you may not know a whole lot about this country. It is a country about the same size as California, and is located in Central Asia.  The reason that not a lot of people know about Uzbekistan is  because it was one of the countries that made up Soviet Union, so it gained its independence in 1991 when USSR dissolved.  Uzbekistan is a very diverse country known for its rich history and culture, and warm hospitality.  As I only get to visit once a year, I try to spend as much time as I can with my family there, which is why I have been MIA this summer.  Until I come to you with an outfit post, I hope you guys enjoy these pictures I have taken with my iPhone while in Uzbekistan!

Coral and Stripes


I don't think I have ever talked about how much of a nature freak I am.  I love getting into nature from time to time to relieve stress and relax my mind and body.  Be it jogging, walking, or just sitting  out in nature, they all fuel my body with fresh, positive energy.

Comfy Chic in NYC

Hi guys! I am super excited about this post because the pictures were taken in New York City (Bryant Park to be specific).  I love visiting this place as I am a big fan of large and busy cities.  There is always so much activity going on here; endless amount of cars flowing through the streets, honking horns, people rushing to places, towering buildings and skyscrapers are some of the things I love about this city.  One of my biggest dreams is to live and work here someday.  

Hipster Vibes

Hello lovelies! I am so excited to be back to blogging after a short break.  Lots of things have been happening in my life right now, so I needed to take some time off to deal with them; I graduated from college a couple weeks ago, and now I am applying to graduate programs.  The process is a lot more stressful than I had imagined, but I am pretty determined to get in and hopefully start grad school in the winter.  I cannot wait to spend more time on my blog after I am done with my applications.

Spring Preppy


Hi guys! I cannot believe I am graduating from college in two weeks.  Four years went by so fast!  I still have to take care of my finals the next two weeks though.  Before all the finals craziness, my girlfriends and I decided to get together and go out for a nice lunch date.  I got some pictures snapped of my outfit before we met up. 


 Hi lovely readers! I am currently super busy with school work as I am being bombarded with assignments and exams.  I cannot wait until I am done in four weeks and I can blog more often.  But for the time being, I will stick to once a week, because it does consume a lot of time.  Nevertheless, I love blogging, and I am so glad I started it back in January. 

Dancing in the Rain


Hi lovelies! Let me start out by saying I am not very fond of the rain, except spring rain.  Spring rain is so different, it has its distinct smell and feel, and it allows me to be creative with my rainy day outfits by letting me play with pretty spring colors. 

Relaxed Trench


Today was exceptionally gorgeous as we were spoiled with sun shine and a clear blue sky.  I wanted to wear something relaxed yet chic on this beautiful day, so I pulled out my nude Converse trench coat. 

Top o' the Morning to Ya


In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, I decided to incorporate some shade of green in this outfit.  Since it has gotten warmer lately, I was able to pull out my green spring blazer.  I love this blazer so much, but unfortunately I never got around to wearing it since I bought it two years ago from Forever21. 


Today I felt kind of preppy, so I pulled out my lovely quilted Tommy Hilfiger jacket.  I paired it with a simple classic shirt and dark jeans. 

Leopard on Stripes

Hi guys, so another snow storm is coming our way tomorrow! We are supposed to get two feet of snow between Sunday and Monday, but today it was in the high 40s! I feel like I have started out my last three or so posts talking about the weather.  I apologize for that, but warm days get me excited as they allow me to have more fun with my outfits. 

Je t'aime

It is finally warm here where I live!!!  After weeks of the polar vortex, 50 degrees feels like summer!  Seriously though, I saw girls wearing shorts and skirts yesterday on campus.  I think they might be a little too excited for spring, I mean who can blame them after all the snow and cold, right?  I am super excited as well, but it is a bit too early for me to put away my winter clothing. 

A Day in the Big Apple - Part 2


So as I mentioned in my last post, I spent a day in the beautiful NYC last week. Because I was there for a day, after I got done with the important stuff early in the morning, I decided it was time to have some fun. 

A Day in the Big Apple - Part 1

This week, I paid a quick visit to NYC to get things done for something exciting coming in the summer.  I was only there for a day but nonetheless I had a great time.  I did not pack anything for this trip since I was there for just a day.  So, I had to make sure that I was dressed comfortable for the flight and walking around in the city. 

Sweet Valentine

As we all know, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so I thought I would do a post on an outfit for the special day.  I had so much fun putting this outfit together, because it includes some of my favorite pieces. 


I got super busy yesterday with school work and other things, so I am a day late on my weekly post.  Anyways, onto the outfit: today, I was wearing my favorite trench coat from Walter Baker.  This coat is so beautiful, the leather sleeves, and the zipper details on the sleeves make such a statement. 

All Black Errything

 My all time favorite items to wear on cold winter days are knit sweaters. I especially love pairing sweaters with leather pieces.  For example in my last blog post I was wearing Ralph Lauren leather gloves with my oh-so-comfy H&M sweater. Today I was pairing my cropped sweater with an edgy leather skirt.

Winter Lovin'

I am not very fond of the cold weather, but I do love myself a cute winter outfit.  I like to dress up my outfits with different accessories.  The accessories keeping me warm today were a beautiful burgundy hat, a chunky infinity scarf, and a pair of sexy gloves.  I also love chunky sweaters for the winter, and I find most of my sweaters from H&M and Forever21 for the best prices.