Comfy Chic in NYC

Hi guys! I am super excited about this post because the pictures were taken in New York City (Bryant Park to be specific).  I love visiting this place as I am a big fan of large and busy cities.  There is always so much activity going on here; endless amount of cars flowing through the streets, honking horns, people rushing to places, towering buildings and skyscrapers are some of the things I love about this city.  One of my biggest dreams is to live and work here someday.  

Hipster Vibes

Hello lovelies! I am so excited to be back to blogging after a short break.  Lots of things have been happening in my life right now, so I needed to take some time off to deal with them; I graduated from college a couple weeks ago, and now I am applying to graduate programs.  The process is a lot more stressful than I had imagined, but I am pretty determined to get in and hopefully start grad school in the winter.  I cannot wait to spend more time on my blog after I am done with my applications.