Holiday Sequins

Last week I shared with you guys some of my favorite holiday looks from around the web.  I was so inspired by them,  I had to put together a holiday look myself.  The holidays are the perfect time to wear sequins, because they are so fancy and can make any outfit glamorous.  

Favorite Holiday Looks

One of my favorite things to do around this time of the year is to search the web for inspiration and look for holiday outfit ideas.  I love the fun and flirty holiday looks that many bloggers put together, they put me in such a festive mood.  Take a look at some of my favorites from this year!

Sophisticated Stocking Stuffers

With Christmas only a few days away, I am sure a lot of you are already done with all your Christmas shopping, unless you are a big procrastinator like me.  For those last minute gift shoppers I have put together a list of my favorite gifts that make the best stocking stuffers for the sophisticated woman in your life.  Whether it is your mother, sister, girlfriend, or a female coworker, she will love these charming and thoughtful gifts.  I have linked some of my favorites down below, check them out!

Holiday Gift Guide for the Home

This year, I am starting off my holiday gift guide series with one for the home.  If you are struggling to find the perfect gift for a friend or a family member who is into home decor or accessories, you are in the right place.  

Weekend Casual

Since my big move to Seattle in August, most of my weekends consist of touring the city and exploring fun spots in the area.  One of our recent weekend trips was to the Gas Works Park, which is a perfect spot for walking around, relaxing, and enjoying a beautiful view of downtown Seattle.  The interesting thing about it is that it used to be a plant that manufactured gas from coal until the 1950's.  All the machinery that is still intact have been painted in bright colors, which makes for a really cool atmosphere.

Fall Whites + New Blog Look

Guys, I finally have a decent looking blog, and I am pretty hyped about it!  Kudos to my amazing hubs for taking the time and making my blog pretty!  It is an exciting feeling to start fresh, which puts a huge amount of energy in me and motivates me to work harder.  I have had so much time to brainstorm and come up with new ideas and plans for the blog in the couple months I took off that I cannot wait to share them with you guys.

Summer Chic

I apologize for having been MIA from both my blog and Instagram lately.  I am spending my summer in my homeland like I did last summer (read more about it here), and I have had some trouble connecting to internet here.  But no worries guys, I am back with a summer look!  

Little White Dress

Summer, for me, is all about easy, one-piece items that require no thought but still make me look presentable.  This little white dress perfectly fits that criteria, hence why it is a well-loved summer dress.

White Crop Top

Hi guys! I am here today with another weekly outfit post, which includes some of my latest finds.  I have found that spring jogger pants and a loose white crop top make the perfect combination for  a dressy day or night out.


The abstract print on this shirt perfectly portrays the inside of my head at the moment.  With so much going on in my life right now, my mind is full of all kinds of thoughts, feelings, and emotions. 

Coral Love

Today's look is all about the most beautiful, feminine spring color, coral.  When playing with fun colors, it is important to keep the pieces simple and let the color do its job.  

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day is one of my favorite holidays because I love celebrating and honoring my mom, other moms, and motherhood in general.  There is nothing quite like a mother's love; So tender and caring, a mother's unconditional love is what makes the world go round. 

Spring Casual

My favorite looks to put together are casual looks.  I love effortless looks that include throwing on whatever you find in your closet and still ending up looking chic.  That is exactly what I did here and I loved the result.

Spring Fever

Guys, I have a pretty bad case of spring fever going on at the moment. I cannot even explain how happy this beautiful sunny weather makes me.  And the gorgeous flowers and tree blossoms everywhere! I wish they would stay like that all year round. This type of weather really makes me appreciate the beauty around me and realize how lucky I am to be able to experience it.  


Looking at everybody's Coachella pictures on Instagram this past weekend had me craving a music festival in the desert.  While I dream of attending Coachella some day, I decided to bring my inner gypsy to the blog for now.  This boho look was inspired by a combination of my favorite boho babes at Coachella from different years. 

Stripes and Chambray

If someone asked me what my style was, I would say I really don't have a single style.  Even though my blog name might make it seem like urban chic is my go-to look, I like everything from feminine and preppy to hipster, classic, and modern and everything else that is out there.  The reason for that is I am all about experimenting and trying new things.  I don't really like to stick to one thing or style so I love changing up my style quite often.  


As it gets warmer, I get more and more excited about spring.  I love being able to wear lighter clothes  and rocking more spring fashion.  For today's look, I went with pieces that really scream spring: a blush pink leather jacket and harem pants.

Casual Blue

Lately, I have been living in comfortable outfits that don't require a lot of thinking and planning.  Ever since I gave into the joggers trend, these joggers I have on here have been in most of these comfortable outfits.  

Spring Wish List

Happy first day of spring loves!  Even though I woke up to a blanket of snow outside, I am still ecstatic about the fact that today is the official first day of spring.

Cream and Black

One fashion item that comes to my mind when I think of a transition look into spring is a trench coat. It is such a classic piece that has an amazing silhouette and beautiful details, such as double buttons, pockets, and a belt.  Basically, you can never go wrong with a classic trench coat, as it is so versatile and looks great on any type of body shape.

Navy Blue Transition

Spring is finally here, guys!  My face does not hurt anymore when I go outside, instead I get a whiff of fresh, pleasant air!  In celebration of finally saying bye to frigid temperatures, I decided to play with some of my colorful spring accessories in this look.

Brown Tones

First month of spring is here, but winter is still in full effect, so I have no choice but to stick to my winter wardrobe. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I miss my pretty floral dresses and dainty sandals.  Until mother nature decides to grant us with some warmer temps here, I just decided to experiment some more with winter fashion.  

Spring Vibes

As much as I love the snow, I am so ready for spring.  The negative temperatures leave me desperate for sunny days, fresh blooms, and brights colors.  To satisfy my spring cravings, I have been trying to dress in bright and pale colors that put me in the spring mood.  Mint green is one of these colors that I have been obsessing over lately.  

Bundled Up

Winter is usually super brutal in February in Pittsburgh. Although I don't really mind the snow, I cannot bear the frigid temperatures.  At times like these, I like to remind myself of the good things that winter can offer.

Valentine's Beauty

Love day (aka Valentine’s Day) is two days away, and I am here to show you my steps of getting a pretty, flawless makeup for the special day.  Mixing both drugstore and high-end makeup products, these steps will allow you to achieve a natural look with flushed cheeks, neutral eyes, and plum pink lips.  

Be My Valentine

With Valentine’s Day coming, I have been seeing lots of pink and red everywhere, so in honor of lover’s day, I decided to put together a date night look incorporating different shades of pink.  As I mentioned in my last post, I don’t own a lot of pink things hence the not so many pink outfits on this blog. This might actually be my first pink look here, and it's not even completely pink.

Valentine's Day Inspo

I am not a big pink lover.  In fact, if you look in my closet, you will only find one or two pink items, which are not even worn that often.  There is not a specific reason for that, I think pink is actually a gorgeous, feminine color, I just never tend to gravitate towards it.

Snow Day

When the winter storm Juno hit this past week, Pittsburgh turned into a winter wonderland.  Even though driving in all that snow was not much fun,  watching it and playing in it were definitely calming and pleasing.  

What If You Fly?

Exactly a year ago this month, I posted my first blog post. I had just started my last semester of college and as a biology major, I was drowning in lab reports, science articles, volunteering at a hospital, and other not-so creative things.  As a girl with a love for art, fashion, and creativity in general, I heard my heart screaming for an outlet where I could express these other parts of me.  

XOXO, Gossip Girl

A couple weeks ago, as I was doing my usual blog browsing, I came across a blog post that mentioned that January 26th was Gossip Girl day.   Without a question in mind, I decided to put together an outfit inspired by the show on this day because Gossip Girl is my favorite, favorite TV show of all time.

Leopard Again

If there is any print that I had to pick to wear for the rest of my life, it would definitely be leopard.  There is something about leopard print that always has me reaching for it.  It is absolutely gorgeous and chic, and it never fails to add that oomph factor to a look.

Faux Fur

There is nothing more exciting than snow in the winter.  Even though it brings cold and horrible driving conditions with it, snow is absolutely beautiful and peaceful.  So how do you dress in style when it is cold and snowy out?  For me, faux fur is the answer without a doubt.  

New Beginnings

Happy 2015 everyone! I want to make this year all about trying new things and experiencing new things.  I made a resolution to experience 24 new things this year.  I thought it would make the year more fun and interesting.  Why exactly that number? Because I will be turning 24 this year and I thought it would be a nice and realistic number.  I also have new ideas and plans for the blog, and I cannot wait to see them in effect soon.