What If You Fly?

Exactly a year ago this month, I posted my first blog post. I had just started my last semester of college and as a biology major, I was drowning in lab reports, science articles, volunteering at a hospital, and other not-so creative things.  As a girl with a love for art, fashion, and creativity in general, I heard my heart screaming for an outlet where I could express these other parts of me.  

XOXO, Gossip Girl

A couple weeks ago, as I was doing my usual blog browsing, I came across a blog post that mentioned that January 26th was Gossip Girl day.   Without a question in mind, I decided to put together an outfit inspired by the show on this day because Gossip Girl is my favorite, favorite TV show of all time.

Leopard Again

If there is any print that I had to pick to wear for the rest of my life, it would definitely be leopard.  There is something about leopard print that always has me reaching for it.  It is absolutely gorgeous and chic, and it never fails to add that oomph factor to a look.

Faux Fur

There is nothing more exciting than snow in the winter.  Even though it brings cold and horrible driving conditions with it, snow is absolutely beautiful and peaceful.  So how do you dress in style when it is cold and snowy out?  For me, faux fur is the answer without a doubt.  

New Beginnings

Happy 2015 everyone! I want to make this year all about trying new things and experiencing new things.  I made a resolution to experience 24 new things this year.  I thought it would make the year more fun and interesting.  Why exactly that number? Because I will be turning 24 this year and I thought it would be a nice and realistic number.  I also have new ideas and plans for the blog, and I cannot wait to see them in effect soon.