Spring Vibes

As much as I love the snow, I am so ready for spring.  The negative temperatures leave me desperate for sunny days, fresh blooms, and brights colors.  To satisfy my spring cravings, I have been trying to dress in bright and pale colors that put me in the spring mood.  Mint green is one of these colors that I have been obsessing over lately.  

Bundled Up

Winter is usually super brutal in February in Pittsburgh. Although I don't really mind the snow, I cannot bear the frigid temperatures.  At times like these, I like to remind myself of the good things that winter can offer.

Valentine's Beauty

Love day (aka Valentine’s Day) is two days away, and I am here to show you my steps of getting a pretty, flawless makeup for the special day.  Mixing both drugstore and high-end makeup products, these steps will allow you to achieve a natural look with flushed cheeks, neutral eyes, and plum pink lips.  

Be My Valentine

With Valentine’s Day coming, I have been seeing lots of pink and red everywhere, so in honor of lover’s day, I decided to put together a date night look incorporating different shades of pink.  As I mentioned in my last post, I don’t own a lot of pink things hence the not so many pink outfits on this blog. This might actually be my first pink look here, and it's not even completely pink.

Valentine's Day Inspo

I am not a big pink lover.  In fact, if you look in my closet, you will only find one or two pink items, which are not even worn that often.  There is not a specific reason for that, I think pink is actually a gorgeous, feminine color, I just never tend to gravitate towards it.

Snow Day

When the winter storm Juno hit this past week, Pittsburgh turned into a winter wonderland.  Even though driving in all that snow was not much fun,  watching it and playing in it were definitely calming and pleasing.