Spring Casual

My favorite looks to put together are casual looks.  I love effortless looks that include throwing on whatever you find in your closet and still ending up looking chic.  That is exactly what I did here and I loved the result.

Spring Fever

Guys, I have a pretty bad case of spring fever going on at the moment. I cannot even explain how happy this beautiful sunny weather makes me.  And the gorgeous flowers and tree blossoms everywhere! I wish they would stay like that all year round. This type of weather really makes me appreciate the beauty around me and realize how lucky I am to be able to experience it.  


Looking at everybody's Coachella pictures on Instagram this past weekend had me craving a music festival in the desert.  While I dream of attending Coachella some day, I decided to bring my inner gypsy to the blog for now.  This boho look was inspired by a combination of my favorite boho babes at Coachella from different years. 

Stripes and Chambray

If someone asked me what my style was, I would say I really don't have a single style.  Even though my blog name might make it seem like urban chic is my go-to look, I like everything from feminine and preppy to hipster, classic, and modern and everything else that is out there.  The reason for that is I am all about experimenting and trying new things.  I don't really like to stick to one thing or style so I love changing up my style quite often.