Carry-On Essentials

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Hey ladies! As I am currently packing for a short trip this week, I wanted to share some of my carry-on essentials.  These are the things I make sure I don't forget when packing for a trip, no matter the destination.  Keep posted on my Instagram (UrbanChicBlvd) to see where I am going!

1. Scarf - I wear a scarf on the plane because I can always use it as a wrap when there are no blankets.
2. Neck Pillow - Cannot sleep without this thing; also helps me keep my drool off my neighbor's shoulder.
3. Headphones - Traveling would be pretty gruesome without a soundtrack in the ears.  I like to bring big noise-canceling headphones to block out loud noises.
4. Wallet - I keep my travel documents in here; usually includes passport, photo ID, ticket confirmation etc. in addition to my cards and money.
5. Pen - There has been a bunch of times when I needed something to write with and I didn't have anything, so I've made it a habit to stick a pen in my purse at all times.
6. Hand Sanitizer - Planes aren't the cleanest carriers, so it's always good to sanitize in such closed quarters.
7. Tooth paste - Always be prepared with fresh breath; this is of course accompanied by a tooth brush.
8. Ibuprofen - Cannot forget about this, you never know when that headache is gonna hit you.
9. Phone Charger - Forget one and you might as well cherish every charged moment. RIP iPhone.
10. Cleanser - I use this when my face starts oiling up; it usually does that to compensate for dehydration. 
11. Moisturizer - I put this stuff on after cleansing my face, and it makes me feel oh so good!
12. Lip Balm - This is really an everyday essential, so I ain't goin nowhere without it. 
13. Glasses - If I wear contacts on the way to the airport, I take them out and put on my glasses as soon as I get on the plane.
14. Sunglasses - Always have to be prepared for the sun after getting off the plane and finally setting foot in your destination.

What are some carry-on items that you can't travel without?

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  1. Scarf on a plane is one of my must-haves, too!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  2. Yes this sounds like the right checklist to me, and love that MK wallet.

    Allie of

  3. I am never without a lip product or sunnies too!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  4. Good advises! Wanna take them all into acoount for my next trip =)

  5. This is probably the best & most succinct carry on list I’ve read. It really has all the care essentials! Nothing worse than taking to much with you & not being able to find anything.