Las Vegas Travel Diary 2

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Today, I'm sharing part two of my Vegas travel diary, hope you enjoyed part one from yesterday. We made sure to take our wide lens to the trip so we could capture all the intricate details of the resorts on the Strip.
 Everywhere we went we saw elaborate decorations for the Chinese New Year, and it was mesmerizing to look at them.  You can see some of them below and in the last post, although photos don't do justice to how beautiful they actually are. As I mentioned in my last post, we were able to see Mystere by Cirque du Soleil. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take pictures, but those of you who have seen a Cirque du Soleil show probably know how magical of an experience it is.  We definitely want to go back and see more shows. Hope you enjoy these photos, guys!  I'll be posting outfits from Vegas soon, so stay tuned!


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  1. Awesome photos! Such clarity! I have seen Cirquie du Soleil and its amazing!