Tulip Heaven

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Hi all! Last week, I had the chance to visit the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival here in Washington.  Ever since my move to this state in August, I can't help but appreciate the beautiful nature here.  From the most beautiful forests to mountains to colorful flower fields, Washington is a dream come true for a nature freak like me.
As you can see from the photos below, my excitement over the tulips was over the top.  We happened to visit on a cooler spring day, so my white trench was my best friend.  Underneath though, I made sure to put on something that showed my excitement; I mean, can you think of a happier color than yellow? Anyways, hope you guys enjoy these photos from the tulip festival.  Is there anything similar to this where you live?


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  1. All of your photos are gorgeous! I wish that we had something like this where I live, I adore tulips ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  2. Those tulips are gorgeous - so so pretty!! And I love your blush coat too!

    Abby | Life in the Fash Lane

  3. Ok these photos r making me want to go visit our tulip festival here in Abbotsford. That's so cool you're from Washington:-). I can't believe I've never been to one near us.. I'm going to try and drag my boyfriend to come with me this weekend.. hahah! Great photos and love ur outfit with the yellow purse


  4. Yellow is such a happy color! The color suits you perfectly dear! The pictures are amazing! I love the tulips. In hamburg we don't have such a beautiful tulip place, I wish we had.
    Have a wonderful week, beauty!
    Hugs, Pisa

  5. GORGEOUS!! I love all the beautiful colors of these tulips! This looks like it would have been an amazing sight in person. Perfect photo op!


  6. beautiful pictures!!! wish i could go there! the flowers looks amazing <33

    VVEEKEND 101

  7. Omg, this place is so beautiful. I once went to the tulip festival in Ottawa, but it was nothing like it! I know where to head next spring then:)
    P. S. You look absolutely amazing in that trench coat, and I love how your yellow bag makes it stand out:) Great outfit.


  8. that is such a beautiful field of tulips! The first photo is gorgeous with your matching yellow top! :)

    Metallic Paws

  9. Gorgeous!! Love all the colors =)