Custom Gifts

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

With only a few days left till Christmas, everyone is probably out there looking for last minute gifts.  If you are one of these procrastinators, an easy but creative gift idea for anyone in your life is a customized phone case or a laptop skin.
I am always in love with the idea of customizing the things I wear or use with fun designing tools.  That is exactly what CaseApp is all about.  I love my Eiffel tower iPhone case and marble MacBook skin that I designed on CaseApp. Customized gifts make the best gifts because they are unique and thoughtful, so gift yourself or someone you love a custom phone case or laptop skin.  Use code URBANXMAS20 to get 20% off your order on CaseApp.  


*Sponsored by CaseApp*

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  1. I love caseApp, their cases last forever, mine looks like new and I had it since last year
    The Color Palette

  2. Love caseapp. The phonecase I'm currently using is also from them <3
    Happy New Year love x

    Viviene Kok