Hi everyone! Welcome to Urban Chic Blvd, my little corner of the web where I document the things I love!
My name is Dee and I am a twenty-something year old blogger living in Seattle with a tremendous love for adventure, travel, art, design, nature, and sweets.  What captivates me the most in the world is learning about different cultures and languages. 
Urban Chic Blvd began in January of 2014 when my soul started craving something creative in the midst of all the science courses I was taking.  I was in my last semester of college finishing up my Biology degree at the University of Pittsburgh.  Although I looked forward to the next step in my educational career, I decided to take some time off for personal and creative growth.  The blog has been an amazing ride ever since; I feel blessed to be able to share my personal style and things that make me smile every day with others.
Thank you for stopping by!

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